Academic Levels


Our program focuses on the learning of skills and the stimulation of different areas of development. We work with small groups that give the student the opportunity to develop fully through a methodology that seeks to enhance their abilities, respect their differences, take advantage of sensitive periods and rely on different types of learning.


Our American cycle implements grades from first to fifth. We make sure to provide an education of excellence, oriented towards early accompaniment for our children.


We seek to foster an efficient and prepared education for our Middle School grades, which are sixth, seventh and eighth. Where our students develop different skills to become excellent citizens.


At High School, which makes up grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, we focus on guiding our students to bright academic futures; providing the necessary help to enter the best national and international universities.

Practice Makes Perfect

We know that the only way to really understand a topic is to practice it in a real environment. That is why we have established an area that is filled with hours of exercises, questions, and challenges. It even has a games section to develop the best of each one.